COMMAND_ACK {command : 176, result :3}

Hello I am connecting my apm 2.8 to a jetson xavier nx with MAVProxy and it’s connecting and reading parameters but the problem is when I try to change mode it shows COMMAND_ACK {command : 176, result :3} can anyone help with that?

I can’t really help you with that specific error, but this seems like the strangest combo of hardware I think I’ve ever seen.

If your project has the budget for a $1,000+ companion computer, you should seriously consider upgrading to an autopilot and firmware made and supported sometime in the present decade.

i don’t have access to any other fc due to country laws

What country?
Your other post wasn’t in the right thread either.

Very rare these days that anyone answers questions about an APM Flight Controller. Even people that might don’t recall related hardware and firmware details.

We have a saying here, “Spinners on a Yugo”.
IOW “jetson xavier nx on an APM”

i tried it with raspberry pi model b too and it is still not working I know it is an apm issue, I just thought since it connects and the jetson can read it’s parameters correctly it can send it commands but it just won’t execute them I thought it might be a solvable issue

Command 176 is CMD_DO_SET_MODE and result 3 is MAV_RESULT_UNSUPPORTED.

So you attempted to change to a flight mode that wasn’t supported by the flight controller.

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I’m trying to change it to rtl or guided and I’m pretty sure it’s supported by apm, i also installed and older version of mavproxy (1.5.2) that’s said to be working with apm so does that mean it’s a hardware problem?

RTL or Guided modes should work, but it’s a very old version of ArduPilot so things may have worked differently back then.