Combined Calibration

Using the SkyViper Web Server, the MotorCal calibration appeared to be successful (motors spin sequentially), however after following the instructions the Combined Calibration did not activate the motors. Also, the attached screenshot shows different results from those on the related YouTube video. Any suggestions to explain the differences? Maybe a Combined Calibration requires many more minutes to complete? (After the calibrations, I did not notice any significant change in drone behavior.)

John, Can you try again using 47.962201, -122.400828 format for the Lat/Long fields? Also with Direction set to zero, is the frame pointing true north?

As @zechr suggested, the problem is the format for latitude/longitude.
The combined calibration is really designed for factory use. For end-users you are better off doing a separate accel cal, mag cal and motor cal.

Thanks Zech and Tridge, after following the Combined Calibration steps exactly, with the correct format for latitude/longitude, the process appeared to hang up at the magnetometer step (Did not complete after two minutes of waiting. See attachment).

So I did as Tridge advised and successfully completed the accel, mag and motor calibration steps. I completed the 6 axis calibration, and perhaps my SV now does a better job of reaching and holding a position after a quick maneuver. That said, only 8 sats were locked when I did the recent tests, so overall I think the SV did great!

However during motor calibration, with my finger holding the SV down, it was easy to feel different levels of vibration from each of the prop/gear/motor combinations (“a motor”). My SV has bad jello in the video. The left front “motor” vibrated much more than the other three, and the right rear was not great either. Not sure there is any easy way to remove those vibration sources (other than to replace one or more components), but I’m open to tips. Some of the snapshots were unusable.

If SkyRocket wants to send replacement motor components, that would be nice. And by now maybe someone has developed/discovered a way to balance the SV props. However, could some of the vibration be from loose fit of the gear assembly?

Overall from my experience, users need to be very patient during transitions from system state to system state. Lots of lag in some transitions, less lag in others. Perhaps some of the lag is due to my iPhone 5S.

I remain excited by the SkyViper as a tool for STEM courses and other purposes. Even with the poor video quality on my unit, it is useful to me for one business purpose (a quick way to find the height of nearby trees).

Thanks for the troubleshooting help.

I’ve found the cause of this bug and a fix will be included in an upcoming release.
Cheers, Tridge

Is this fix in the update the Sky Viper app is alerting me is ready for download? I had all the right format for the Lat\Long same issue.