Com ports not working when flashing

Flash errors. The FC will time out during scanning sans flash the only way to close MP is to use task manager to stop the red flashing error.

As a work around a another com port showed in the Q. This port will not connect but will flash using the old unplug cable routine and re plug.

Tested this issue with two FC’s

update: to remove the USB time out error that hangs the flash/MP, I connect to FC with one com port like com 5. them before I flash I switch over to com 4 then it works.

i have a loose USB connection that popped off, Did a hot air weld on it will know more soon.

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I ended up hot air reworking the USB but still have a Com port issue. QGC does work so i am little lost for sure.

The odd thing connection to MP is fine I see the FC but hangs on flashing the device as it loading the wrong com…

Just flashed a hollybro and no issues. The board i having new problems has a USB C.

Ok I got it to flash had to get a secondary program to wipe the Card free of MP firmware. Then did a new MP flash…