COM port is disabled in Mission Planner

Yesterday i was trying to calibrate Racestart BLHeli REV35 35A ESC , Suddenly main LED of Pixhawk 2.4.8 is stopped blinking.
From that movement - i cant connect Pixhawk to Mission planner, other lights are blinking except main LED, Buzzer also making strange noise.

All errors related snaps are uploaded on below path–>
[](http://Error Snaps)

Please help me to resolve issue.
I am afraid - I need to replace Pixhwak with new one?


Try and remove the sd-card. I had the same problem and the pixhawk did boot after removing the sd-card, which somehow got corrupted.

I tried to connect pixhawk without memory card, but it is not detected by Windows.
Even mission planner / Device manager - no comport detected.

I noticed memory card is empty.
Please suggest how to recover the same.

My Pixhawk got detected for a few seconds before disappearing again from device manager. I managed to upload the firmware again after some trial and error.
Is your pixhawk really not detected at all?

I thik bootloader is corrupt.