Color OSD please

Hello Ladies and Gents of Ardupilot,I no all you developers are busy people and work your socks off bringing us some great features to Ardupilot and I thank you for this.

Ive just seen a post on F/B and it got me thinking,Could we have a colored OSD,something like the old Eagles Tree OSD,this would be a great feature not only pleasing on the eye but very useful as a safety feature and informative,eg Red for when something bad is happening and your favourite colors for the good things happening.Please O Please one of you nice developers.

are you looking for more color customization that this ardupilot/hd_colour_map.png at master · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

Looking very nice.hope they become available and easy to use for a dupling like me and cheers

these are already i believe included if not surely in master. I think someone has already messed with them but his name on this forum escapes me. look here about 2/3 the way down it talks about the HD fonts MSP OSD — Copter documentation. This is all very new as the FPV WTF root was just released last month.

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Thank you Fuego,will read up on it tonight and see how I get on