Code stack for companion computer

I need some help trying to figure out the code stack to use with a companion computer (Intel Edison in this case). My confusion is about Dronekit.

If I’ve untangled this correctly, Dronekit v1.5 (droneapi) relied on Mavproxy. Dronekit v2.0 (dronekit-python ?) does not interface with Mavproxy. Should I read something into that given that Mavproxy is part of the ArduPilot project? Is Dronekit 2.0 a safe direction to take or should I have concerns with Dronecode going their own way and possible issues of platform support in the future? It’s all based on the Mavlink protocol but I see where there could be divergence in supported extensions in the future. Is this a valid concern?

There is also pymavlink ( that is part of the QGC project and generates python bindings for mavproxy. I haven’t looked too closely at this yet. Any value in doing so?

Any advice would be appreciated.