Coaxial setup using only one Swashplate

I am currently working on a research design of a coaxial helicopter and was wondering if it’s possible to use the Coaxial Setup of a Traditional Helicopter and use only one swashplate instead of the two indicated in the parameter settings of the coaxial set up.

Also, for better understanding, the goal of my design is to start the vehicle in descent at 400ft and land it successfully in a predetermined orientation in under an estimated 45 seconds (time can vary), can this be achieved with this firmware? I don’t have a final design set in stone about what will control the vehicle, but it does have to be a coaxial type helicopter without a Tail Rotor. My goal is to be able to control the vehicle using a pixhawk.

How do you plan to control the yaw axis?

Tough to determine that based on what you have stated above. Why one swashplate? Unless you provide more detail on how you plan to use one swashplate to control the collective and cyclic pitch of two rotor systems, not sure that I can help you.

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