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Coaxial octocopter automatically crash

Hello, my drone company bought a HQuad 500 (, we set all the parameters, used (MISSIONPLANER 1.3 Arducopter V3.6.7),
but when we arm the motors, they are too speed and the UAV doesn’t take off: it automatically goes on a wall even after many tries. Below is the list of all my components. I would like to know if someone can help me with this issue.
-Flight controller: Pxhawk 4
-8 MT2212_T-Motor
-8 ESC Hobbywing 30 A (
-PM07 holybro (

  • X8R RC
  • 1 Lipo 3700 mAh TATTU 4S

Share the .bin log of theses flights and a picture of your drone showing all propellers.


here is a piIMG_9867 IMG_9867 cture, I dont know what is .bin log and where to find it

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