[Closed] Nitro Discord Membership for Partner Support Team Members

Topic: Nitro Discord Membership for Partner Support Team Members

Proposal type: Software [X ]


Nitro Discord Membership would allow Partner Support Team members to stream at full video quality. Thus our video not look funny weird or tiny due to the large resolution screens most of us use when sharing screen. I spend a good amount of time sharing my screen with Partners each week.

It would also allow us to add additional boosts to our Discord Server which provide benefits in terms of audio quality and maximum upload size.

Planned amount $$ (USD): $99 per year per support team member

Estimated time for completion: N/A


[EDIT] On hold by @Funding_Team
We’re not a huge fan of the pricing, but need to aid the team supporting the partners.
We really need to find a better solution to video conferencing and screen sharing. Suggestions welcome.

The server boosts in Discord are not per person - they are just per server.


To get the highest quality screen sharing during calls you would be looking to achieve at least the Level 2 server rank. Also comes with other benefits - see link above.

Level 2 requires 7 boosts a month - eat at $5 a month. Which comes out to $35 a month. The other route is to get a member Discord Nitro which is $10 a month - but gives the member 2 free boosts a month and 30% all purchased boosts. This comes out to $10 + ($55.7) = $27.5 a month. Either way - everyone in the server would get the highest quality screen sharing allowed (1080p), better audio quality, higher upload limit (50MB), etc.

For alternatives:

Google Hangouts is free and just requires everyone to have a google account (which most people have). It does require people to switch platforms between chatting and joining a video/screen call - but would cost the organization nothing.

The issue is that 1080P doesn’t look great when screen sharing from a wide screen monitor say 3440x 1440. Getting actual screen resolution is the objective.

Ideally, without adding extra sign-ins or impediments to quickly getting work done.

Yes, it is well understood the boosts are per server. The server is already boosted to Level 2 by folks privately via their nitro memberships.

The only useful feature of the next boost level would be larger log file upload 100MB which would be somewhat useful.

The other alternative that Tridge uses as well is Whereby : https://whereby.com/information/pricing/


I don’t think even with Nitro a member can stream non 16:9 aspect ratios - but I may be mistaken.

A workaround could be to use OBS to convert your screen to 16:9 and then stream that out to Discord. It would be a bit of a learning curve for those sharing their screen - which isn’t great.

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OBS is outstanding software, and I have no doubt this crowd could climb the curve necessary to use it. I used it during my Lua stream session, and it’s the screen capture method of choice for all of my other videos (amateur as they may be, the screen captures look pretty good :smile: ).

we’re already a level 2 server. I don’t think any more will change video

Closing this one since I’m no longer a Partner Support Engineer.

Though folks did sort of miss the point in the above discussion of trying to get an easy to use screenshare service for Partner Support folks.

Ideally, the service wouldn’t require a signin for Partners and would allow high resolution sharing for both parties. IE like Teams, Skype, Slack, etc. (terrible apps but their sharing capabilities are good)