cliSerial->printf now printing hordes of binary info

I just recompiled my rover with 4.0.1 and cliSerial is printing a lot of unwanted binary with my intended output.
A good search shows no other printf commands other than my own.

Is there a gotcha now with using cliSerial?
I used to put the data out of the serial USB port to putty or RealTerm.
This used to work fine in version 3.


We’ve remove the CLI (command line interface) from the past few versions so I suspect you’re seeing mavlink data. We have a wiki page here which shows how to use send_text instead.

It may also be possible to turn off the mavlink data coming from the serial port you’re using by changing SERIALx_PROTCOL (where x corresponds to the serial port number). I’m not sure about this though.

Thanks for the suggestion. On 1st try it worked. But I need to control the actual location on the screen, the font size if possible (too large right now) and how to turn off the text-to-voice feature. Is there documentation on these things?


The location, font and text-to-voice features would all be down to the ground station and how it wants to display the information. Text-to-voice on MP can be enabled/disabled on the Software Config >> Planner screen. The list of all send_texts received appears on MP’s Flight Data screen’s Messages tab (see bottom left of the screen).