Circumferential Motor Tilt for Increased Yaw Authority

@dkemxr Very interesting paper thank you!! It seems tilting it by 3° is a win/win condition. Don’t see any adverse effects.

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Yes, that would seem to be the sweet spot. It’s a small angle to control for but I suppose if you have a good way of mounting the motors so they are at equal angle it’s beneficial.

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Test mule :slight_smile:

Tilt quad

Hey @lordvon

I came across this post and I think it’s interesting. I would like to try it on my quad.
I’m unsure what you mean by “tilting motors in the direction of torque” Does it matter if I tilt the rotors inward (toward the orange line) or outward (away from the orange line)?

The sketch below is what I mean by inward tilt

@vicson that would be the wrong way. the tilt has to result in a torque that is in the same direction as the power torque; e.g. opposite the rotor spin.

for this x-quad, you want the front props blowing towards the front, and the back props toward the back.

I realize I never followed up on this thread. Tilting 6 degrees has worked wonderfully for my x-quad. Unfortunately I dont have any hard numbers but efficiency difference is negligible and yaw authority is noticeably stronger. I will incorporate at least 3-6 deg of tilt in all my builds.

Got it. Thanks for the info. I will give it a try! I’m thinking about starting at 3 deg first and increasing from there