Circular Geofence / Home Position initialization

Hi Guys,

We had prepared flight plan, very simple vertical flight with a 50m geofence radius.

The GCS was at 70m from our takeoff point, so before the pilot brings the drone at the takeoff point we have made an “arming” test and span the propellers.

Then the pilot took the drone to the takeoff location. Then when he tried to arm but we got the geofence breach message.

So it looks like the sequence when arming is
1/ check geofence using the home position,
2/ update home position,

Such as in our case the home position cannot be updated and the drone is outside the geofence, is that correct?

Is there any option to proceed differently?

Thank you,

Only arm the drone at the home location and you will be fine.

:wink: that would be one option, but the circular geofence is according to my understanding a geofence relative to the drone takeoff location, so it should apply only once the drone is armed and new home position has been initialized.