Circle Mode without Mission Planner?

Hello to all !

I just wanted to ask for CIRCLE MODE without using mission planner.
Like DJI does …

We could record a POI by throwing a switch and then using nick for distance to POI
and roll for the circle. Throttle as usual … Is there a workaround ? Or will it be implemented
in future FW ?

Cheers, Christoph

Is something wrong with my question ?

I think it is. I don’t see your proposition interesting for the community behind arducopter.

Are You serious ?
Just to make it clear again …

Fly. Hover over Your target. Throw a switch to define a POI. Hover away from POI with nick to define radius. Fly circle with roll.

All this on demand at that time without MP and having to define it before flight ?

What is unclear ?

Can anyone answer my question ?
I would really appreciate some comments as I clearly see an advantage in the function I described.


Is what you are asking:

  1. A new “circle mode” that set the POI as the point at which the mode was entered.
  2. Then using RC to adjust the radius (ie use pitch to stretch or shrink your circle)

There has actually been some discussion about this a few years ago (!topic/drones-discuss/3FEPKzpinBE)

Have a read, as I’m interested in this too, and may be able to revive some of the earlier efforts.

This would be a good feature to have.


Exactly like that !!!

There is already a Circle Flight mode and maybe the easiest way to get your request implimented would be to ask for Circle Radius to be added to the Chan 6 tuning option list. Circle Rate is already there.


I think that ist not what I suggest. It needs a mission and therefore MP and a computer to be invoked.
What I suggest is simple flying, setting a POI during flight where it needs to be and then just flying around POI
using roll and pitch for speed and radius …

It doesn’t need a mission. Circle mode can be selected manually like any other flight mode if you have programmed it as such. What cannot be done manually while in flight is to set the radius. That is determined by the CIRCLE_RADIUS parameter. That is what I am suggesting as an added feature be variable by a live tuning function

Isn’t that interesting ?