Circle Mode manual control not working

I tried to setup circle mode according to Circle Mode — Copter documentation

I set CIRCLE_OPTIONS=1 in order to enable “manual control” according to Complete Parameter List — Copter documentation

I am able to change the circle’s radius BUT NOT the angular velocity with the control sticks. What am I doing wrong? How to adjust the angular veolocity?

post a .bin log file.

You wouldn’t happen to have the TUNING parameter set to 39?

Hi @drtrigon,

I just tested with Copter-4.2 (currently in beta testing) in the simulator and I was able to change both the radius and the angular velocity. The slighlty odd thing about the angular velocity is that it uses the roll stick and right means faster, while left means slower. The odd thing about this is that by default the vehicle moves in a clockwise direction so it seems a bit backwards to me. BTW when changing direction you must temporarily leave the roll stick in the neutral position.

Just to give a short feedback: I’ll read and check all your hints as soon as I have some time and then come back. Thanks!

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@kd0aij : I cannot find a TUNING parameter, but if you refer to TUNE = None

@rmackay9 : Updating to 4.2 …

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@rmackay9 : Just back from test flight (using 4.2 RC2) and I think it worked as you described it. However the change rate is that small that it is hard to me to see something happen at all. Can I increase the change rate? Are there parameters for that? (And what you mentioned already; can we swapp roll left and right such that it behaves more naturally?)

@rmackay9 : ping? ^^^