Circle Mode improve

I would like to submit an improvement for the Circle Flightmode.
It would be nice to have it working like the Wookong does : when you activate the circle mode, you are abose the target, the copter go backward for the circle radius distance and the it begins to circle, instead of just circle from where it is.

What do you think ?


+1 on this! :slight_smile:

Good suggestion.

Another way of doing it would be by using the mission planner/droid planner. It does all that for you. Just select the path to take and the ROI.

So it doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘circle’ path.

Odd, I thought I posted a reply to this thread but it vanished. So I’ll try again…

I agree this would be an excellent idea. I think the way Circle mode currently operates is a little clunky. If an operator is interested in videoing a particular location they must start Circle mode while the craft is pointed at the location, but offset a distance equal to the preprogrammed radius. Personally, I find it hard to accurately estimate the radial distance if the quad is hundreds (or even thousands) of feet away. As a result I usually end up getting images of the slightly wrong area.

I think this idea can even be further improved by making the radius a tunable value, adjustable on the RC transmitter by switch or knob (Channel 6 tuning) on the fly. That could allow for imaging an area fully around from multiple distances during the same flight.

Finally, if the present Circle mode operation is of value to people, perhaps the specific type of Circle mode operation could be user-selectable in Mission Planner?

That would be awesome to be able to adjust the circle while on flight.