CIRCLE causes wing to flip over

Hi all,

New to Arduplane here. We were building an AR Wing Pro using Arduplane on a Matek H743 with GPS, and after a lot of trial and error of setting up a workable range of motion for the elevons in the radio, we managed to get the plane off the ground and rather manageable while flying on MANUAL.
We probably should’ve switched to FBWA next, but we tried CIRCLE instead and the plane did a 180° roll, causing it to dive straight down into the ground. This makes me think that the flight controller still had a way too large range of motion available for the servo’s and that it rolled too much to get into the turn. Still, looking at the parameters, LIM_ROLL_CD was still set at 4500, which if I interpret it correctly, would limit the turning angle to 15°.

Any ideas on what could’ve gone wrong here?


It’s possible that you don’t have the stabilized corrections going in the correct direction. The manual/RC control movements are only half the setup. You also need to verify the FBWA movements.

If you verify that and it’s all good then post a .bin log file from the flight and we can take a look to see if there’s something more going on.

LIM_ROLL_CD,4500 will limit you to a 45 degree bank angle. ArduPlane won’t exceed that value on it’s own, so that’s why I’m thinking there’s a setup/mechanical issue.