ChOut9 through ChOut14 not working

So what I ended up doing was creating a new function in SRV_Channel_aux and call it from the handler in the servo events file to set the pwm value inside the appropriate channel object.

This touched more files, but seemed way more appropriate than what I described above, as it might muck with something else.

I do have some mild ambitions to get involved in the developer group, so let me know if this is something I should try and push. I can work up a diff of some sort for you also if you like.

This is now fixed in 3.5-rc3. @jfint let us how your testing goes with it.

Will do, those toys are at me desk t work, so I’ll let you know this week hopefully!

@OXINARF Actually, it has the opposite problem now, it only works when there is an RC transmitter present, and doesn’t work without one. I did find the code change that was supposed to fix this, and I’ll go over it, but I still would not call this working completely. Is there a bug entry where I should put this test result?