Choosing X Frame Type for Quad

Hey guys,

I see in the file that the ‘X’ frame is not currently working. Is there any way to get an ‘X’ frame quad? This is the frame I am building for but I can only get the + frame at the moment. Also, I am building on a SITL platform right now.


Just set the FRAME_TYPE parameter like you would in a real vehicle.

When I set the FRAME_TYPE to 1, which should correspond to the X configuration, no change occurs. The mission planner still says it is in a + configuration and the flight gear shows this as well. Also, the mavproxy console says the frame is “quad” and in the file, quad is said to have “model: +”.

“quad”: {
“model”: “+”,
“waf_target”: “bin/arducopter”,
“default_params_filename”: “default_params/copter.parm”,

Sorry if the solution is evident and I am just overlooking it. I have probably spent too many hours in a row staring at this project!

I assumed you knew to use the X model, but maybe you don’t. So try this:

  • -v ArduCopter -f X
  • set FRAME_CLASS to quad (1)
  • set FRAME_TYPE to X (1)
  • kill simulation
  • run the first command again

After doing some more investigating, it turns out the problem is different from what i described. These have been my settings and was not the problem. Since I am using flightgear and mission planner, I did not have the mavproxy map up but once I looked at it just to check in case, it turns out mavproxy had my frame correctly showing the whole time. What does not show the correct frame, however, is mission planner and flight gear. Is there any way to reflect the X configuration in these two programs? I have set the frame type as X in mission planner settings initial setup>Mandatory Hardware>Frame type but to no avail. When flying to a location, the map still shows the quad flying in + configuration. I know this is mainly aesthetics but since my project will be shown virtually, is there anyway to have the flightgear and mission planner reflect the correct frame type?

I have no idea about that.