Choosing which constellations Mission Planner uses for sending RTK corrections

ArduPilot allows disabling or enabling specific GNSS constellations.

I’m planning on testing RTK with fewer than 4 constellations (F9P receiver) so I can increase the refresh rate. (the u-Blox firmware limits to 7hz for four constellations)

In order to minimize telemetry load, it would be good to have Mission Planner only send RTCM correction messages for those constellations I’m using.

Is there a way to choose which constellations Mission Planner uses when functioning as an RTK Base?

I’m also going to test disabling SBAS.

Any advice and guidance would be appreciated.

when using RTK, sbas is always disabled…
currently MP always request all constellations, but if you turn off the m8p/f9p autoconfig, and manually setup the gps, then you can do as you please

Thanks Michael -

I’m familiar with the parameters in ArduPilot on configuring the rover RTK receiver.

But I don’t know how Mission Planner configures the base RTK receiver. Perhaps you’re suggesting making the changes directly on the receiver. That’s certainly possible with U-Center - where there’s serial access to the receiver. (Since Mission Planner’s CAN pass-through doesn’t seem to work - that excludes the Here3)

Interesting about SBAS - it’s an option in two places in ArduPilot - its enabled/disabled GPS_SBAS_MODE and as a selection on GPS_GNSS_MODE. Not sure why there are two parameters - but I’ve disabled them both to avoid including them in the messages. And now I don’t have to worry about them being transmitted from the Mission Planner RTK base.

I appreciate your taking the time to shed some light on this. Thank you.