Choosing of Pixhawk 2.1

Which Pixhawk 2.1 will be suitable and best for multirotors either Standard or Edison?
Will Edison version come with Intel Edison with it?

The only difference is that standart without place for Edison. Also Edison edition will come without Intel Edison board.

And the Intel Edison is no longer made.

Hey Thank yo so much. So it is better to go for standard edition?

How do I differentiate Standard and Edison by it looks or any indication given on its surface?

The advert will indicate the type.

Can show me preview or example if you have.?

Random adverts - clearly stated on the advert.

Standard =


And the Intel Edison has still been discontinued.

I don’t see any difference unless they state in advert.

Well one says Standard and the other say Edison ready.It cannot be stated plainer.

Get the standard one as the Edison is now obsolete.

The only difference is the provision to fit an Edison in the carrier for companion computer work and a couple of extra USB ports to access and debug the Edison,which has been discontinued.Unless you are fanatical about using the Edison for some reason the standard board will be enough.

Or you could get a Spectreworks mainboard.

The difference between Standard and Edison from outside is the USB port. Please check the photo.