Choosing Hardware

I’m going to design and build a 10 kg VTOL fixed wing (quad plane)
and I don’t know how to choose the autopilot between pixhawk 2.1 (cube), pixhawk 4 and CUAV v5+

can anyone help me?

and the next question!
do mission planner and arduplane support these hardwares?





@a123456 @cuav

Yes they are supported by lastest version of ArduPlane and mission planner.

I only got a cube so I cannot judge the other hardware much. Cube and Cuav are know to be reliable and well done. I don’t know about the pixhawk 4

The harware are quite equivalent, look for the periferical that suit you the most and the best form factor for your build

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On futur post, please don’t random ping the developers…
There are more qualified people on the forum than us on building vehicles. And it is quite annoying to be ping everywhere… And won’t give you fastest respond.
For example, you pinged me but I don’t know half those hardware nor have build a single plane … I am quite useless and you don’t need my experience here.


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Thanks for your reply and advice.
and do you know dimensions and weight of cube?
I couldn’t find sth officially said by manufacturer

Most of what you need to know is here

You can also find more info on the cube on the cube forum

I am a big supporter of the CUAV hardware. I have about 5 v5+ cubes from them as well as 4 nano v5. I also use their CAN GPSs as well as their CAN pmus.

Their support is awesome as well