Choosing a GCS for a specific development (new features)

Hi all,
I have a few technical questions about the existing Ground Control Stations software.
To give you some context… I work on an innovation project which pursues the goal of developing an autonomous plane. This plane will deliver things by dropping them.
I would like to evaluate what we should use in the following software:
Mission Planner
APM Planner 2
The idea would be to add a “drop feature” in one of these.
Apparently, UGCS also has a customizable solution, but it is not open-source.
My questions are the following:
Using an existing solution, can I add new features (such as the “drop feature”)?
What software would best fit my needs?

Thanks for your help,


Mission Planner will already do that. DO_SET_SERVO, DO_SET_RELAY, PAYLOAD_PLACE are all available commands that can be used at Waypoints.


Any idea if QGroundcontrol and APM Planner 2 do it too?

APM Planner and QGC have similar functions, no PAYLOAD_PLACE. Install Mission Planner and try the Simulator (SITL). You can plan and execute Mission Commands with it.