Choice of chassis for autonomous trial

I am after a simple mobile platform which I can use to test the capabilities of 3DR’s APM or Pixhawk. I want to see how accurately they will allow the platform to track in autonomous mode – what effect will track speed have on accuracy, will I need to add RTK GPS, how to incorporate obstacle avoidance etc? The application is tracking around a grassed area much like a golf course so I need a platform which is reasonably stable on grass.

I am wondering if the Wild Thumper (4wd or 6wd) or Lynxmotion Aluminum 4WD1 might do the job or is there something better? I would prefer something which is ready for me to just attach the APM, compass, 3DR power module and receiver. That is something which already has platform, wheels, motors, wiring, speed controllers…

I have worked with both the Wild Thumper and the Lynxmotion 4WD1 chassis and they will meet your requirements.
However, you will be using the ArduRover skid (differential) steering function to perform the steering and I feel that it is not as accurate as servo steering.

I use the SCX10 chassis and it does pretty well on rough terrain like grass. If the grass is patchy and your speeds are high it sort of bounces around and has trouble tracking, but the solution was to just slow down a bit. I have used it in a nice park before and it didn’t have that issue though. On decent grass like a golf course I bet it would do great.

I owned the Wildthumper 6WD and I must say the quality and mechanical construction are not that good. Selftapping screws as a an axle for the suspension system, the aluminium is really weak and it will destroy the gearboxes in no time, because all forces coming from the wheels go through a 5mm wide brass bushing. With a RC car for half the price, you will do better.