China brand for motor and ESC

After months or years of fiddling with cheap China made brushless motor and ESC for multirotor. My conclusion is the only brand for motor and esc from now on I buy from China is either a Tmotor or Sunnysky. The rest are shit. Burnt a number of them wasting time and money.

In fact just burnt one an hour ago on a newly fitted drone.

In China, most users choose Hobbywing esc. TMOTOR is a professional motor manufacturer, but by no means a professional ESC manufacturer.

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Is it possible your using them wrong? What motors and escs are you using? Do the escs have airflow?

The burnt motor I used is from readytosky on a quad. After some investigating I realised the reason could be the wrong battery used.
There isn’t alot of info on readytosky 2212 motor so I used sunnysky datasheet. Sunnysky 2212 us able to use up to 4s so after so calculation I think 4s is best for me.
Turns out on readytosky website with its limited data, it stated it can only used up to 12v which is 3s.
I guess not all motor are build the same. The same 2212 can have a different specification.

The battery recommendation is usually based on the kv and prop size, so the larger prop is usually for the lower voltage, and the smallest one for the highest voltage as the high voltage causes it to spin faster.

For 1000kv motors it’s usually rated for around a 8 or 9 inch propeller on 4s and 10inch on 3s.

If you use a large propeller at a high voltage it will overload the motor causing it to draw a lot of amps and generate a lot of heat this can overheat the motor and ESC.

what battery, propeller and kv motor are you using?

As per the datasheet provided by sunnysky I am sticking to the recomended prop size and battery voltage. It stated both 3s and 4s is compatible.
The issue is the other brand readytosky’s doesn’t seems to work the same way. The largest from their website stated as 3s. I used 4s and burnt 2 of the quad motor. The esc goes with it as well.

Then what would be a professional ESC brand in China? Hobbywing not very good in my opinion.

what propeller size does it recommend and what kv are the motors?

I like iFlight Motors. Nothing wrong with Hobbywing IMO.