Chibios board USB telemetry connect

I cannot find anywhere in the ArduPilot documentation that states that the Chibios boards cannot connect to a computer via the USB port like the PixHawk boards do. It did not work on my first Chibios board and now I’m using an F405wing board and my telemetry radios are having issues so I started to think about it again.

Is the USB port only used for uploading firmware or can it somehow be configured as an additional serial port for telemetry?

@KG_Fairbarn, the USB can be used as another telemetry port. In general we don’t recommend it because the connector is not a great one to use in high vibration environments. It can come loose or be broken off more easily than the regular JST or DF13 connectors.

There may be some other things too look out for like the LEDs becoming dim if the usb cable is connected but it shouldn’t affect how the vehicle operates.