ChibiOS 3.9.2 Analog airspeed and HUD pitch change

I’m putting together a Matek F405 Wing with ChibiOS Arduplane, and yesterday I looked at adding an analog airspeed sensor. I’ve previously used these on APM’s and digital ones on Pixhawks with great success.

So, this is an analog sensor connected to the rssi pin (15). I have made the settings as per the screen shot and the board is flashed with version 3.9.2/October 12th.

Since it isn’t fitted in a model yet, I’m just testing it by blowing in the end. The really odd thing is that as the airspeed changes so does the pitch! The F405 board is not moving at all, I am firmly holding it on the bench.

Also, if I disconnect the sensor from the rssi pin, the artificial horizon in mission planner pitches down and then recovers to level after a few moments, and if I reconnect the signal the ah pitches up before recovering.

This morning I un-configured the airspeed and set the rssi to use pin 15/analog, added the rxrssi to the Mission Planner hud. I kept the airspeed sensor connected and blew in the end. As expected, the rssi value changed but the horizon did not pitch either way.




2018-11-05 (55.6 KB)

Just downloaded the latest daily build (3.10,0) and the issue looks to have been resolved.

Sorry I didn’t check that first. Keep up the great work guys!