Cheerson cx 20 open source will not accelerate

I bought This quad a month ago and after hooking it up to mission planner and doing a manual compass calibration it was flying fine. I went on about 15 flights, high and low altitude. Today i decided to do the compass calibration again because the first time i didn’t really know what i was doing. So i did the compass calibration and then did the radio transmitter calibration. It also wanted me to do a firmware update so i did, and found out that that was a mistake. the lights would blink and the beeping sound was constant when i would put in a battery and would not arm. So after that i backed up the firmware to what i believe was the one i began on. Beeping stopped, everything back to normal but now after arming there is very little acceleration, not even enough to move the quad let alone lift off, And that’s at full throttle. I went back and tryed to do the radio transmitter calibration again but still no acceleration or lift off??? Any help would be appreciated

Ive just built my quad with a apm 3.0 and have the same problem of it arming , motors spin , but cant get passed minimum throttle. I don’t have the power modual installed . Maybe its a failsafe around the power modual. If you have solved this please let me know the answer.

I found the answer on another forum.
Go into mission planer, advanced configuration, down the end of the list is “Max Throttle”. mine was set to 80 out of 1000. push max throttle upto 1000 and problem solved.