Cheerson cx-20 flight controller problem

hi, i have cheerson cx-20 open source with apn 25.5 and ardupilot 3.1.2.
i suppose i have a problem with the port nr. 2 of my flight controller.
The esc and motor connected to another port works.
Is there a way to tell the flight controller to use another port instead the nr.2?
do i need to compile a new firmware? how?

Hi PJ1978

Cannot assist you unfortunately with your probbut just maybe you can help a fellow Cheerson CX20 owner. I downloaded the 3.2.1 firmware to the quad today and have stuffed it up well and truly. Do you know whether reloading firmware version 3.2.1 will fix the prob and if so where can I find a copy to download? Again. sorry I cannot help you…


As a fellow Cheerson owner, I can confirm, that your best shot with the apm 2.5 board to go with version 3.1.5 as it performs the best.

The following link will take you to a source of SUPER SUPER USEFUL blog. I wish I could credit the author’s name, it escapes me, but I am sure you will find it mega useful. I have followed his procedure and my Cheerson/Nova flies like a charm. This will sort out your issues for sure. You will loose spline waypoints etc, but 95% of all the cool functions works and with the limited power the Chinese FC in your Cheerson has this will perform the best.

Do yourself a big favour and read through the blog. It’s a one stop shop for all NOVA owners.

Thangs Big Deal…will give it a go

pj1978 - did you or anyone else find a fix for the output of the number 2 port?

I have the same issue, the number 2 motor and ESC work perfectly if plugged into a different FC output port. Any other motor and ESC that are plugged into the number 2 port stop working so I know it’s an issue with that port. I’ve reloaded the firmware, which has made no difference. On the FC, the red and blue lights seems to always be flashing as if to indicate an issue. The voltage on the number 2 port is noticeably higher than the other 3 ports. Is there any other fix I could try rather than having to get a new FC?

Thanks in advance.