Check motor Setup Issue

Greeting all!

I’m a total noob with Arduplane, or drone like plane.
I draw an unusual form factor Quadplane (hexaplane?), and I would love to make it fly.
For starter I would make it able to hover.
In hover mode it’s an “Hexacopter whith an A tail”, so I wrote a little motor matrix :

My lua script:
MotorsMatrix:add_motor_raw(0, -1, 0.103, 0, 5);
MotorsMatrix:add_motor_raw(1, 1, 0.103, 0, 1);
MotorsMatrix:add_motor_raw(2, 0.316, 0.594, 0, 4);
MotorsMatrix:add_motor_raw(3, 0, -1, 1, 6);
MotorsMatrix:add_motor_raw(4, -0.316, 0.594, 0, 2);
MotorsMatrix:add_motor_raw(5, 0, -1, -1, 3);

assert(MotorsMatrix:init(6), “Failed to init MotorsMatrix”)

Then when I enable Lua script, I can’t test the motors in “Setup>motor Test”, message log “Must be disarmed for motor test” while I’m disarmed.
When I try to arm I have the message “PreArm: Quadplane: check motor setup”.
I tried my best with all the documentation I understood, with no luck.

I set those value:
Q_FRAME_TYPE=1 (It’s an X shape motor matrix, I didn’t find info for my case with a custom motor matrix on this one, so I set 1)

I’m stucked for weeks by myself, so i thought it my be an easy fix for an experimented arduplane user. If you have the slightest idea, I’ll take It!

liste paramétre - hex vtail_5 -23-12-2021.param (23.3 KB)

Any luck resolving this issue?