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Check in Joystick to enable as default

@Michael_Oborne Would it be possible to add a checkbox in the joystick menu that if checked starts the joystick by default when Mission Planner starts?
It would be very convenient for those people who use only joystick or for people that use a self made ground station.


Currently the way to do this is via command line args. If you specify a joystick name when starting mission planner it will enable at startup

@Michael_Oborne That would be great, is there a wiki page with what is supported and how to use it?
Any chance could add rtk as an arg?
For RTK i mean to add as an argument the connect button. I havbe mine configurated and i have to enter the page setup every flight and press connect. It would be great if there was an argument that would do the connect button for me.

EDIT: i figured out the joystick arg, i entered after missionplanner.exe the following:

/joy “T.Flight Stick X” /type copter

Where T.Flight Stick X is the name that windows gave to my joystick and copter is the type of firmware i am using.
I looked at the source of Mainv2 and i think i got it right.

Your example looks correct. I should be able to do rtk as well, what is the input you normally use? serial or ntrip etc

I use a correction from an IP server. My ground station is connected to internet. So i configured server ip and mount point but every time i have to go in and press “connect”. Would like MP to authomatically connect when i open it with something like /rtk connect
Connection i use is NTRIP


@Michael_Oborne Hi! How do I find out what all commandline args are available for MissionPlanner 1.3.68 on Windows 10? I’d like to have MissionPlanner handle the joystick and pass the stick and button inputs to X-Plane through SITL instead of X-Plane directly handling the joystick and buttons. Do I have to do something like what @Corrado_Steri seems to have done? I tried passing invoking MissionPlanner.exe with --help but that did not seem to work. Also, is there some documentation about the items on the screen that pops up when I click on FLIGHT DATA|Actions|Joystick? Thanks in advance for any pointers to relevant docs or posts.

ive added a /rtk option in the latest beta
/rtk http://user:user@

the joystick would need to be setup in mission planner first, then you can use the command above to start it up

sitl is not an option to start when MP starts. but you could start it externally, and use the autoconnect to connect on startup.

Just tested in latest beta and it doesn’t start.
Something happens because the button says “stop” in the rtk page, as if it tries to connect.
Do i have to specify ntrip somewhere?

@Michael_Oborne Thank you for responding. As you suggested, I start up AP/SITL explicitly. Then I select the “model” from MP’s SIMULATION screen as “xplane” and click on the plane icon on the bottom row, it automatically connects. It is still not clear as to what the ch # to the left of each of the items in the joystick screen map to in AP/SITL. Thanks.

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