Check BRD_TYPE no ms5611 found BG Pixracer clone AP3.4.6

I have seen this issue reported previously but it was reported as fixed. I just received a pixracer clone from Banggood and flashed 3.4.6 quad X. Immediately on connecting I get the error Check BRD_TYPE no ms5611 found. Bit stuck, so any help/advice would be welcomed. Thanks in advance, Paul

Edit. Just tried with 3.5rc-7 and slightly different message: Check BRD_TYPE:Baro:Unable to Initialize Driver

Found a youtube video suggesting this could be down to a faulty baro. I will flag for return to BG. I have an external i2c baro I can test on this first.

Guys, would really appreciate your experience with the pixracer - just received a replacement from BG, loaded 3.4.6 again and once again I am getting the message “Check BRD_TYPE no ms5611 found” when I connect in APM Planner. Stumped - surely two pixracers can’t be faulty?

Found that plugging in an external i2c baro solved the original issue - 2.4.6 sees this and uses it just fine. Another issue though on these pixracer FC’s I just identified is that they do not retain any configuration/parameters you set after a re-power. Both of mine will be going in the trash. Would strongly recommend against buying the pixracer from BG just now - one other reviewer flagged the same baro issue with his.

Hi Paul,
old thread but very same problem here on the very same board, I might have solved it by reflowing it with a heat gun at 300 deg, haven’t flown if yet but seems to work, if you still have yours around you might give it a try,



Alex, I fixed one of my pixracers also by reflowing with a heat gun. The other I think I really trashed! The fixed one has been running on a quad now for ages. I actually donated it recently to my buddy who wanted to try out quads.

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Problem is not with Banggood but with the factory. Many of the V1.0 Pixracers exhibit a hardware failure with the MS5611. Sometimes this can be fixed by electrically isolating, reflow and/or positioning of the MS5611. In >80% of the cases, repair can be simple as removing the metal case, applying some nail polish or electrical tape to the edge of the MS5611, and reinstalling. Sometimes it requires light sanding and/or replacement of the MS5611. These are not clones, they are legal products from open source hardware design. The cases are just a bit too snug for the board in the region of the MS5611.