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Check BRD_TYPE no ms5611 found BG Pixracer clone AP3.4.6


(Paul Atherton) #1

I have seen this issue reported previously but it was reported as fixed. I just received a pixracer clone from Banggood and flashed 3.4.6 quad X. Immediately on connecting I get the error Check BRD_TYPE no ms5611 found. Bit stuck, so any help/advice would be welcomed. Thanks in advance, Paul

Edit. Just tried with 3.5rc-7 and slightly different message: Check BRD_TYPE:Baro:Unable to Initialize Driver

(Paul Atherton) #2

Found a youtube video suggesting this could be down to a faulty baro. I will flag for return to BG. I have an external i2c baro I can test on this first.

(Paul Atherton) #3

Guys, would really appreciate your experience with the pixracer - just received a replacement from BG, loaded 3.4.6 again and once again I am getting the message “Check BRD_TYPE no ms5611 found” when I connect in APM Planner. Stumped - surely two pixracers can’t be faulty?

(Paul Atherton) #4

Found that plugging in an external i2c baro solved the original issue - 2.4.6 sees this and uses it just fine. Another issue though on these pixracer FC’s I just identified is that they do not retain any configuration/parameters you set after a re-power. Both of mine will be going in the trash. Would strongly recommend against buying the pixracer from BG just now - one other reviewer flagged the same baro issue with his.

(Alex Apostoli) #5

Hi Paul,
old thread but very same problem here on the very same board, I might have solved it by reflowing it with a heat gun at 300 deg, haven’t flown if yet but seems to work, if you still have yours around you might give it a try,



(Paul Atherton) #6

Alex, I fixed one of my pixracers also by reflowing with a heat gun. The other I think I really trashed! The fixed one has been running on a quad now for ages. I actually donated it recently to my buddy who wanted to try out quads.