Cheapest Realiable board for Antenna tracker

Hi, i want to build the antenna tracker but i found that is very expensive to buy a pixhawk 6c or similar just for the antenna tracker, i wanted to know what is the most realiable and cheapest option.
I already had a gps with compass and telemetry radios and servos, i only want the FC

The cheapest way to go is use the MP built in antenna tracker.

It works reasonably well. You only need the Pololu Maestro USB to R/C board and the gimbal.

but i need a rpi3 or notebook for that, and that add the cost, i already had a gps with internal compass, i am considering the speedybee f405 wing controller, its around 54 usd on amazon

If you already use MP, no.

Pick one from this list:
Tracker Stable
Actually the Dev version of firmware shows many more supported boards:
Tracker Latest

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i am not using mp, my setup consist in a taranis x9d+ se, 900mhz 1w holybro telemetry radios and walksnail video setup, and a pc monitor, if i want to use mp, i would had to get a compatible device for mp, and that cost

It is difficult to imagine how you can configure all that, upgrade FC’s, etc, without a PC or laptop.

jajaj, i dont want to move my laptop to the field thats all, and if i had to buy a dedicated pc for that is a cost, however dkemxr post a usefull repository, i saw that kakute f4 fc is supported for the antenna tracker, its a omnibus f4 based board for drones, and cost 65 usd with fast shipping, plus i already had a mini gps with compass, so thats all i needed, i recently order one yesterday.

You can try indoors MP antenna tracker with SITL, connecting two servos on the Maestro.