Cheap Windows 10 tablet for field use of Mission Planner

Laptops are bulky, and Android is not an answer here :slight_smile: I was wondering what people are using for cheap Windows 10 tablets with Mission Planner?

I know that the 3DR Solo is no longer made, but I got such a good deal on one that was only flown twice with 4 batteries, backpack, etc. I could not pass it up. I’ve already upgraded it to Open Solo and so was wondering what cheap tablet one can use to have Mission Planner with it.

Let me know. I’d really appreciate it.

==> Let me what what is cheap and usable ? <==

There is an Android answer. Early implementation for sure but you can contribute.

I using tablet 8” V820w 32GB with windows 10 of Onda, is very quick, because mission planner is a light application, no need big CPU performance.

It have a great resolution, for this, I use mouse for more confortable to do my plans, only to flight, touchscreen is good, but Mission Planner isn’t made to use that, I like a big bottoms to directly do RTL, AUTO etc…

Have any other brand in Aliexpress !

But, mission planner for android is going on, can you waiting for that ?