Cheap vtol build

Hi guys! I want to make a VTOL plane but am on a tight budget, so what could be the cheapest flight controller I can use here? It needs to run arduplane firmware…

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What type of VTOL? How many channels?

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Right! Im looking to build something similar to a bixler vtol version, very lightweight and only for training purposes. 6 channel possibly… Vtol type: x

Thanks for your response!

I would probably use a Matek H743 board. I suppose there is no lack of space in a Bixler for a Flight Controller so the Wing version.

And this board accepts GPS and telemetry radios?

Oh men, is a tiny board! ill read about it. The connections seems a challenge…

You can solder pins to the Wing board. The Slim and Mini, I have both, you need to solder. In Fact with all these types of boards you need solder skills and equipment. But you said cheap and ~$110 for a Wing version is cheap for the capability they have. If you don’t want to solder then say so and others can be suggested for more $$. Put a max price on it to save time and posts.

Yeah men, they are great options! Don’t mind a little soldering. This mateksys board can take radiomodems?

Telemetry radios? All boards will do that, it’s just needs a serial port.

Omnibus F4 Pro AIO would be the cheapest solution, it has 8 PWM outputs. AKK sell them for ~US$25 but seem to be out of stock.

ant can run ardupilot fw?

Do you see it here?
Ardupilot HWDEF
The days of the $25 Flight Controller that will run Ardupilot are long gone.

The Omnibus F4 Pro is further supported and you get
the latest firmware and also has VTOL capability.

I had considered using it for a small VTOL a few years ago, but then refrained from doing so due to the low interfaces (SBUS input, 2 serial and one I2C) and a maximum (with soldering effort) of 8 PWM outputs.

What type of VTOL do you have in mind?

For a normal Quad VTOL you need 5 ESC (4 Quad, 1 forward thrust) . Remains 3 PWM outputs (aileron, elevator, rudder) . So you have to control both ailerons with one channel. This is possible. But you have nothing more to control.

With a Tri-Tilt it looks no better: 3 ESC + 2 Tiltservos remain also 3 for the rudders.

For a normal fixed wing aircraft I would recommend it further if you have no intentions like soaring etc… A VTOL can work, but I would not recommend it.


KK2 is another cheap alternative. Flash the board with Open Aero 2 VTOL firmware. I have been building one. Google Tom Stanton channel. He has been successful in building different version.

The Omnibus F4 Pro? Well I have one in my Heewing Ranger T1 running ardupilot and I do intend to convert it to VTOL. Note; a separate power distribution which is a must. No rudder on this plane but it has two ailerons servos and LED’s which i have setup, that will likely need to be removed for a VTOL because i’ll need the PWM outputs.

However I would recommend spending a bit more and get a Matek F4/F7/H7 wing board.

ps i did just find a omnibus F4 pro v2 for ~$32+shipping

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the omnibus f4 pro works, I have one in my tail sitter but I recommend building a custom firmware for it as its only a 1mb board.

Btw matek just released the Matek F405-WMN. This looks like a v nice small vtol solution.