Cheap drone buying recommendation

I’m looking to buy a cheap drone which can run on Ardupilot. The only purpose is for me to have something to dabble with hardware/software-wise (for education). I’m willing to build it. I’m not looking to actually fly. Only for test purposes. I’d prefer a drone smaller in size.

The ArduBee is sort of interesting, but not yet out and maybe too costly for what I need. Living in Germany (European Union).

Sorry about posting something like this. I looked at a lot of pages but can’t really find anything that allows me to get a sufficiently qualified opinion.

If you are not actually looking to fly it do you actually need a drone :wink: could just buy a flight controller compatible with arducopter and go from there?


I’m not sure… at the end of some effort (a project or something) I would like to see something tangible. Is that possible without an actual drone?

Sure, you could mount everything on a piece of wood but to what end? You may as well build a cheap quad copter.

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are there any ready made kits/guides for that? I found an old article about it in the docs, but it’s outdated.

There is not really, The Hexsoon is well documented but perhaps it’s more than you wan to spend. Most “cheap” drone’s for the 1st time builder on built on the F450 frame (copy of the DJI Flamewheel). They are available everywhere at very low cost. There are many kits based on this frame but most of these have junk parts. It’s actually pretty simple to put together a parts list for this frame with low cost components and arrive at something that flies well.