CHDK v1.4 Issue with 3DR_EAI_S100 Script


I have loaded the CHDK v1.4.1 on both my Canon S100 and A1100 cameras without issue. However, when trying to use the 3DR_EAI_S100.lua script v 1.0, it reports errors and doesn’t seem to run.

_3DR_EAI_S100.lua:5 unexpected symbol near ‘<’ _

My research has shown that most examples of this script running are on CHDK v1.3 but I cannot find any downloads for this older version. My S100 camera firmware is 101a.

Perhaps someone else has had this issue? Is there a custom version of the 3DR script somewhere? Or a download link to CHDK v1.3 for the S100?

As a follow up for some closure, it appears that the 3DR_EAI script has gone the wayside and the original script that it was based upon below has been updated many times over the years and supports the Pixhawk relay mode.

[URL=“”]KAP UAV Exposure Control Script[/URL]

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