Charging the Taranis X9D


I have a Taranis X9D with a NI-MH battery. I dont have the official charger and couldn’t find what charging output is safe for the battery.

Is it safe to use this charger? The output is 12V 2A

I would just replace the stock battery, you can get a 3000mah 2s off aliexpress for $10.

Yes, I use a similar charger, only 1.25 amps but also 12vdc and same polarity connector.
The standard battery has been fine even while using a TXMOD in the jr bay. You would want a better battery if planning to go out flying all day, maybe a couple.

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I’m ok getting a better battery. But I am a noob when it comes to picking safe chargers for batteries. How would I know which charger is too weak/too high or good enough. What do I need to look at?

just remove it and charge it like any other lipo battery.

The standard battery will charge fine in the Taranis with that power pack shown.

Thats great, but how do you know that a 12V/2A charger is fine. That is what I am trying to learn.

does the taranis have current limiting on the charging circuit?

I didnt find anything about that in the manual

The Taranis has a built in charger. What you are asking about is the power supply for that. You can use any 12V source. When I had a Taranis I used the same Wall Wart I used to supply a portable 12V battery pack. I think was at least 2A capable. The charge circuit draws what it needs.

But why don’t you just Google " AC Adapter for FrSky Taranis" if it’s a concern. You will find them.

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