Channel option TAKEOFF

I set the parameter RC11_OPTION = 77, after that, when activating this channel, I receive an error message “Invalid channel option (77)”.
If you activate TAKEOFF in flight modes, the mode is activated normally.

the TakeOff mode RC option is not in 4.0, only latest

The documentation says that 4.0 and above…

plane 4.0


Would be quite an easy back-port

In-fact its in the list to back-port to plane 4.0, it should be in there for the next release

It is in 4.0.0. I have tested it “on the bench” w/o a prop and when the takeoff parameters are met (accel) it spins up so I assume it would actually Takeoff. So just the RCx option is not recognized? Haven’t tried that.

OK tried it and see the same error. So it’s available in Mission Planner but not supported in firmware.