Channel mixing for differential thrust and cruise control

Dear all,

i’m a newbie in Ardu and just started my first project building a bodyboard mapping boat. Main parts are Pixhawk 2.1 (orange cube), here3, two T200 thrusters with ESC’s from bluerobotics. As remote i’d like to use my old Futaba t6ex i used years ago.

The idea is to use my right stick (with spring) to fully navigate my boat forward, backward and the “steering” too. that i should get done with all the documentation. further i would like to use my left stick (without spring) mixed in as kind of forward-only cruise control in manual mode, as kind of offset to the right stick. so if i leave right stick untouched i am only able to drive forward with the left stick.

are mixes of channel like these possible? my Futaba has a few simple mixer included, but i’m not able to use them properly.

many thanks in advance

I do not know the abilties of your Futaba radio, but the simplest solution would be to use a radio mixer. Another solution would be a lua script running on the flight controller.

Thanks count74,
i try to fix it with a script… my old futaba isn’t ready for that :wink:

thanks a lot