Channel 7 on Spektrum DX7s

Hello Everyone, this is my first post and I have a question about setting up Channel 7 on the DX7s. I was reading that the valve of channel 7 had to exceed 1800 pwm to active. At first I was not able to get above 1653 pwm but by reversing the switch I was able to exceed 1800 to 1950 pwm.

I used mission Planner to change CH7 Opt to Super Simple Mode and check in the radio calibration that CH7 was going over 1800 pwm and it is but I want to be able to test it inside Mission Planner if its working correctly. Anyone know how to?

Flash attached file to have full range for channel 7
…setup also has 2 switches for channel 5 to allow 6 flight modes

remember to unzip file before transfering to sd card