Channel 7 does not clear waypoints

Hey guys I’m having an issue an am a bit stumped. For some reason the ch7 toggle doesn’t clear waypoints like it should. I can properly set home in manual, set waypoints in learning, and switch from auto to RTL with ch7, but the waypoints clear doesn’t work, and never has. (I just got this thing running last weekend). I can do it with MP just fine. I’m on an APM 2.8 if that matters.

The ArduRover Developer is aware of this issue, but has not had time for an update to the firmware.
You can fall back to an earlier version that does have that functionality.

Well that explains it. Is 2.49 far enough back that it should work? Also is there some sort of known bugs list out there? I looked and couldn’t find anything. Thanks.

I am having this issue too. Cant seem to get a version that is old to work. Must be an old bug? Anyone get this to work? If so what version firmware did you use? I have also tried to most recent 2.51.

So 3.01 seems to have fixed this Yeah!!