Channel 2 Servo Jitters

When I am in Manual mode, and I am moving the elevons around, I hit a couple of spots where the right elevon (channel 2) jitters a lot. When there is no stick input, the servos are both still. But when I move the elevons up and down, there are a few spots where the servo will jitter significantly up and down for as long as the elevon stays in this position.

I have tried switching the servos, and still the same jitters on the same channel. So its not my servos.

I checked the plot data and my tx is sending smooth signals with no spikes. Also, the output to the servos is smooth as well. So I am lost as to what this issue might be caused by.

Anyone got any ideas?

Nvm, its definitely my servo. I wasn’t thinking about what I was doing when I switched the servos. The same servo jitters regardless of what channel its plugged into.