Changing parameters after installing 3.12

I have a question about loading the 3.12 firmware on my apm.

when the firmware has been installed on the apm does this mean that all the parameters that are needed for stable flight are included within the firmware or do I need to install other parameters, I ask because the person who built my quad originally has a parameters list on his google page and says that I should install them after I upgrade the different version firmwares. does this sound about right please. or should I just keep the firmware updates intact, with no addition’s.

In the MP Configuration Window you can select the Advanced Parameter List and modify any of the operating parameters that you wish. You can then save (buttons on the right hand side of the Configuration Window) the existing Arducopter parameters to a file of your choosing and can then reload those parameters if you decide to do an reset or eeprom erase or go back to your original settings.