Changing motor pin

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble getting signal from the 1st motor pin. Each time I pug the battery I’m getting throttle inconsistent error from the 1st esc. Rest of the pins works as intended. In the past I had an accident and crashed my drone. Wasn’t a huge crash but while doing safety checks after the crash I plugged the battery and 1st motor got fried few seconds later (Full on black smoke). I assume it got damaged and short circuited when I plugged the battery. Anyway while I was changing the motor with a new one I also noticed that the ground cable which is located between my cube orange and esc was melted. I suspect the burning motor damaged the 1st motor pin since now I started to get error from the esc that I connected to the 1st pin. Long story short is there a way to get the 1st motor signal from one of the other motor pins that I’m not currently using (it’s a quad so 5th to 8th pins are empty)? I assume the servo output section is the place that I can do it but couldn’t decide if I should select 1st position as motor 5 or disable the 1st position and enable the 5th position as motor 1. Latter makes more sense but I just wanted to double check and ask for second opinion. Also is there a way for me to fix the 1st pin or is it just dead now? In addition to that is there a guide that you guys can recommend for the safety checks that I should do before flying again? I hope this would be an opportunity for everyone to learn from my mistakes as much as I can. Thanks for the answers in advance.

Move it to any available output and set SERVOx_FUNCTION to that motor.

Probably not.