Changing Mission Planner Default Telemtry Rates

When i connect to my copter/plane via uhf serial modules mission planner overrites my telemetry rates with the default 5,2,2,2,2 rates. This is too high for my serial modules and i need to reduce them each time i connect. Is there a way to stop this behaviour or change mission planners default telemetry rates?

mission planners defaults are on the mission planner options screen. just change them there.

How do i access it?
If your referring to -> Config/Tuning -> Planner
These also keep defaulting to 5,2,2,2,2 each time i connect

yes, look at rateattitude in the flight data status screen as well.

  1. open mp
  2. goto settings
  3. change rates
  4. connect
  5. mp will request the rates on connect
  6. mp rerequests if the rate does not match