Changing gyro and accel filters

hello folks,

i want to change my gyro (INS_GYRO_FILTER) and accel (INS_ACCEL_FILTER) filters from 30Hz to 40Hz maybe more . I want to ask what will be the positive or negative effects on the flight characteristics

multirotor spec:
tbs discovery frame
multistar elite 2216 920 kv motor
2 blade 9443 carbon-plastic propeler
5000 mah 4s 30c battery
fvt littlebee blheli_s 30A esc
pixhawk fc
firmware Copter 3.5-rc4
autotuned with 0,1 aggresiveness

Hi all,

I am interested in this as well.
Today a PR went into master reducing the Accel filter to 10Hz:

As far as I understand this filter is used to reduce the effect of vibration.
Are there any implications regarding the ATC_RAT_RLL_FILT and ATC_RAT_PIT_FILT settings?


Copter documentation says INS_ACCEL_FILTER is 10 and the default value when new firmware written to FC is 20, Reducing from 20 to 10 what change will it make?
pls help.