Changing from hexa to quadcopter

Hi everyone
I just had a quick question about a build I’m making. I made a hexacopter recently and now I’m planning to switch it into a quadcopter just to see the differences. My question is do I need to reinstall the firmware to my cube orange? From the mission planner interface it looks to me like they are all Copter V4.2.3. Does it make a difference if I flash the Copter V4.2.3 with quadcopter picture on it or can I just continue with business as usual with the first firmware I installed with a hexacopter picture in it. Also the frametype tab leads me to believe both quad and hexa firmwares are the same since they use the same settings when the motors are positioned like a X.


No need. Just change the frame type, only problem if you had already customise the drone with many parameters change, it might make more sense to just do up a new sd card. Anyway uploading a firmware is easier than anything else to fly a drone.

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And just check/change the motor outputs (servo tab in MissionPlanner)
and extensive use of the MissionPlanner motor tests