Changing Flight Modes with transmitter in Realflight


Is there a way to change the flight mode with a transmitter switch in Realflight just like in the real HW case?

I am using:

  • TX16S transmitter in joystick mode.
  • Realflight (I read online that up to 8 channels are supported)

I notice that toggling the switches does not result in any signal change in the Radio Calibration tab (see below) other that the 4 major channels.

Unfortunately couldn’t find an answer online. Any input is appreciated.

Did you calibrate transmitter on RealFlight? Once calibrated and channel is assigned, you can use the same way as real one. (2 switch to work as 6 position etc.) RealFlight has some limitation on switch type (some switch accepts 2 position only) so need to try to find working one.

Apart form the calibration and configuration within RealFlight, it might be the case that your TX will work only when the RealFlight window is in focus.

Thank you both for the answers! I managed to set it up. I hadn’t configured the controller in settings properly.

I used Channel 8 which is by default assigned to “Mode” in RealFlight, calibrated, and configured AP like normal.