Changing flight mode channel

I am playing with Mission Planner for the first time. I have a 6 channel radio, so I need to set set channel 6, which is controlled by a 3-position switch, as the channel which selects flight mode.

I have found FLTMODE_CH in the parameter tree, but I am not sure how make the change. I can change the value by clicking and typing, but I must be missing an obvious step because this action does not seem to have any effect. How do I save my changes to this parameter?

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After making the change are you clicking the “write params” button on the right hand side?
After it’s changed you may or may not have to reboot the apm/pixhawk for it to take effect.

Mark is correct, make sure you use “write params”. This change doesn’t require a reboot.

Beautiful, thanks. So obvious!

That’s only for Rover (old Plane post here) and it’s not Mission Planner dependent it’s in the firmware.

Thanks - I delete. This popped up, and I thought it was applicable. :slight_smile: