Change waypoint altitude type in Auto Mission all at once


I miss the feature to change the waypoint altitude type of all waypoints all at once. It’s very laborious to change each waypoint’s altitude type from for example, terrain to relative. Especially if the mission has around 100 waypoints… Is there a way to implement a quick change of the altitude frame like the feature “Modify Alt”?

Many thanks in advance


AFAIK you cannot bulk change altitude reference in Planner. But you always can save the waypoints to disk, then edit the waypoints file.

The third column contains the alt reference, 0 - Absolute, 3 - Relative, 10 - Terrain. You can edit with any text editor (for example notepad++ where you can select text vertically for edit…)
waypoint zero is the home point in the list.

Thanks for the hint. This will be the workaround for the moment. Any chance to get a more user friendly and more “professional” solution built in Mission Planner in the near future?